Robotics Workshops

Kid working on a robot

Our Indigenous Robotics Workshop program is aimed at at giving kids more exposure to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through an interactive workshop. The kids build and play with LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits as a means of learning programming concepts while connecting to Culture

The Indigenous Digital Excellence team (IDX) collaborated with Dr Robert Fitch (from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics) to show the kids all the different ways robots are used in everyday life.

First up, we teach the kids how to build a basic LEGO robot, so that they can become familiar with the different pieces.

We then move on to teaching the kids how to command the robots to move, using software to program directions into the robots memory.

The last activity of the day involves the kids building a more complex robot which they then program to move around a course with obstacles. The course was designed around significant landmarks and territories within the Eora Nation.

This activity highlights one of the things we’re committed to at IDX – melding a Cultural perspective with digital learning activities.