Meet the Founder of Australia’s first Indigenous Startup Weekend


Meet Dean Foley, a 27-year-old Kamilaroi man and the founder of Australia’s first Indigenous Startup Weekend and Barayamal an Indigenous Startup Accelerator to showcase Indigenous entrepreneurs.

After finishing Year 12, Dean left his hometown of Gunnedah in rural NSW to join the RAAF.

“The RAAF was an awesome experience but when I learnt about Richard Branson and Entrepreneurship I discovered my real interest is in business so I decided to pursue my dream career of becoming an ‘Entrepreneur.’

“I rushed into the business world with a ton of enthusiasm but I was fortunate enough to run into a business guru who gave me greater clarity about what I wanted to achieve, which has allowed me to enjoy the process/journey,” Dean said.

After getting involved in the startup scene, Dean saw a significant need for training and mentorship focused on Indigenous people interested in digital technology. He realised the opportunity to develop the capacity of aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs, to run and grow businesses that benefit them and their community.

“I wanted to launch an event that would not only teach Indigenous entrepreneurs key skills and provide a way to collaborate – but also to prove to the world that they existed,” Dean said.

The startup event and incubator offer a platform for Indigenous entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and skills, to learn and develop businesses for the future.

The Indigenous Startup Weekend held in Brisbane in August this year, saw 80 Indigenous entrepreneurs learn key skills in starting and growing their own digital businesses. Participants had just 54 hours to create a business model, design, market and pitch their idea to a panel of successful business people.

Following the success of the event, Dean formed Bayaramal, Australia’s first Indigenous run accelerator for Indigenous Businesses. Launched in collaboration with Slingshot, Barayamal offers mentorship, networking and training, with a full 12-week program for Indigenous stratup’s to begin in mid-2017.

“The purpose behind Indigenous Startup Weekend and Barayamal is to promote Indigenous entrepreneurs. Indigenous people make up 3% of the population, yet account for less than 1% of business owners. At the same time, combatting unemployment in Indigenous communities can be helped by the fact that Indigenous owned businesses are 100 times more likely to hire Indigenous people.”

“Empowering the Indigenous community will help to change the landscape of Australia.” he said.



The Entrepreneurship category celebrates Indigenous entrepreneurs who start and grow innovative businesses. For example, an incubator or accelerator that has provided Indigenous Australians with opportunity and advice on how to startup and grow successfully, or an individual who has demonstrated digital leadership with a start-up.

Check out some of the highlights from Australia’s first Indigenous Startup Weekend.

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