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About the IDX Initiative

The National IDX Awards are the centrepiece of the IDX initiative, a $5 million partnership between the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) and Telstra Foundation, which focuses on building digital skills, entrepreneurship and opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities.

The IDX Initiative focuses on building the digital skills of Indigenous entrepreneurs, students and communities through workshops, education and hands-on training and support. It also aims to create opportunities for improving the employment, wellbeing, health, education, cultural and environmental outcomes for all Indigenous people and their communities through the use of digital technology.

To propel IDX, NCIE and the Telstra Foundation developed ‘A Roadmap for Building Indigenous Digital Excellence: Looking to 2030’ (The Roadmap). The Roadmap is the first strategy developed for driving Indigenous Digital Excellence and is the result of three years of consultation, experimentation and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander digital makers, organisations and communities.