Corporate Culcha – innovation through eLearning

Corporate Culcha, QLD – IS A FINALIST FOR THE IDX Learnings and Education AWARD PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Corporate Culcha is an Indigenous owned and operated company founded by Paul Dodd, a Bundjalung man from the Gold Coast. Innovation is at the forefront of Corporate Culcha’s approach – delivering and developing products and services using the latest IT and digital technology resulting in time and cost savings for business.

We asked Paul and the Corporate Culcha team a few questions about their eLearning training program and why embracing digital technologies is important for Indigenous people and communities.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

It is rewarding to have the opportunity to deliver this important information and
learnings about Indigenous culture and history to such a wide and large audience.
We are also excited to support improved cultural competency by giving participants
tools to utilize in their business and personal lives to better engage with Indigenous
colleagues and community. The possibility of delivering this to a client’s workforce,
of for example, 15,000 staff, not only means supporting change within that
organisation, but also to those individuals, their families and communities.

What have you found most challenging or exciting?

eLearning is being embraced universally, however, it may be so popular that now
people find it a bit boring or just a ‘box-ticking’ exercise. Our challenge was to
develop a program that people found engaging, relevant, informative, and even

How and why did you get started? What was your inspiration?

Our inspiration and motivation was the success of our face-to- face cultural
awareness and competency workshops. We knew we had developed a program that
was very successful at engaging people in a positive way and helping them to shift
their thinking. Our clients were often expressing their desire to be able to deliver
this training to their entire workforce, however the cost of face-to- face workshops
was a barrier to this. We believed that if we could successfully translate and
transform our workshop material into an engaging eLearning program that our
clients WOULD be able to deliver to their entire workforce and get everyone on
board in supporting their Reconciliation Action Plans, Indigenous Employment
programs and any other Indigenous initiatives they were undertaking within their

Why do you think embracing digital technologies is important for Indigenous
people and communities?

For remote Indigenous communities, it’s a way to connect to the entire country and
have the same opportunities as those who are living in urban and regional areas, for
example around study, business development, entertainment and keeping abreast
of what is happening in areas that interest them, whether that be art, music,
education or business. Also, digital technologies provide the opportunity for all
Indigenous people to share their lives, stories, politics, culture and educate
non-Indigenous Australians and people world-wide about what it means to be an
Indigenous Australian. It’s also a platform for creativity and provides opportunities
to turn those creative pursuits into business or personal success.
Also, embracing digital technologies improves the opportunities for success in
developing sustainable businesses and economic independence in remote Indigenous communities.

What’s next for Corporate Culcha?

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and enhance our program. The digital
world moves at such an incredible pace, it’s not long after releasing a product that
some new technology or information comes along that you can see will improve
your product. We are working collaboratively with a client at the moment to
develop new and exciting programs.